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About Us

Our Mission

The aims of activity of the Chamber shall be:

  • to lay down, bolster and further trade and business relations and initiatives between the Republic of Estonia and the French speaking territories;

  • to support the interests of its members in various areas of activity;to create, support and develop economic relations between companies and entrepreneurs;

  • to organise, stimulate and mediate programs, lectures and seminars in co-operation with representatives of business circles, lawmakers, Parliamentary Committees, Ministries and state administration institutions (seminars, meetings, delegations, conferences, lectures, business trips) in furtherance of trade and commercial relations;
  • to represent the interests of its members in communication with Government of the Republic of Estonia and other territorial governments;

  • to collect and deliver information to its members about the situation of the Estonian economy, business contacts and laws;

  • install workgroups on various matters in order to formulate standpoints and/or policy recommendations.

Our Board members

Violaine Champetier de Ribes.png

Violaine Champetier de Ribes

Violaine has worked in communication for more than 20 years. In 2017 she became an Estonian e-resident. She created Digeetrips OÜ which mission was to organize tailormade learning trips to Estonia for top French decision-makers. Since September 2020, she lives in Tallinn and is now currently working as head of PR for Baltics within an Estonian company. In November 2021, she was awarded as citizen diplomat by the Estonian Foreign Ministry for her commitment to promoting the story of digital Estonia in France.

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Noemi Poget
(General Secretary)

Life Coaching is Noemi’s contribution to building a fair and peaceful world. She believes that if as individuals we enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, we build societies based on respect where each and every one of us can fully express their unique talent and beauty. Noemi works mainly with entrepreneurs and investors because business is one of the forces that has the biggest impact on shaping the world we live in and she wants to have an influence on that.

Her previous career path has led her from carrying out academic research in papyrology to providing emergency medical care as a paramedic. Along the way, she has released various publications as a researcher and journalist. She has also happily coordinated teams of 4-5 people on projects related to healthcare and education while opening her yoga school.

Salsa Jean-Marc (Pro-LQ) _edited.jpg

Jean-Marc Salsa

“Always learn, Always discover, Always connect” is his credo. Jean-Marc likes to travel and discover new ideas and concepts. Trained as an engineer, he increasingly turned to the “business” side (management consulting), to specialize in innovation (Design Thinking, Lean Startup) and digitalization (Customer Experience, Process Improvement, Creation of new "Business Models"). Estonia – one of the most digitized countries in the world – has therefore naturally become a playground for its activities. Today, Jean-Marc is constantly traveling, and enjoys working and getting involved with stratups with innovative and responsible projects.

Lamiaa Bennis

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Lamiaa is specialized in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. Currently, she works as Senior Consultant to the World Bank Group and to private sector companies. In the past 17 years, she worked on projects in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Before moving to consultancy, Lamiaa held various positions including supply chain manager and managing director. She has a Master’s degree in International Management from the University of Nantes’ School of Economics & Management, and a Bachelor in Management Sciences at the University of Paris Dauphine in France. Lamiaa is also a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CPSP) from the Association for Supply Chain Management. 
By joining CAdFE, Lamiaa puts her expertise and energy at the service of the collaboration between the Estonian and French-speaking communities. 

François Byvoet

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 11.37.22.png

François has been working in the banking and financial sector as an IT specialist for almost 20 years with experience gained in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, and UK. His expertise covers the regulatory reporting requirements ( #RegTech ) that Banks must follow to keep their licenses active and show accurate pictures of their activities to the authorities. Across the different financial crises of the century, François saw how the new controls implemented to protect citizens & other companies became stronger and require robust IT solutions.

With other freelancers located in the Baltic region and Belgium, Francois is proposing services to financial institutions that need his expertise  (technical & functional).

Alice Järvet

Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 11.39.34.png

After a long career in the public sector, international relations, and fundraising, Alice changed the course of her life, by taking a year for traveling the world and discovering herself again. In 2015, she established a video production company (MAST Productions OÜ), which has been active ever since. Since the beginning of the Ukrainian war in 2022, Alice has been actively involved with NGO Hands For Ukraine and a member of the board since January 2023. Their focus is to help Ukrainian women and children with accommodation. Alice feels a deep connection and interest in French culture and its people. By being part of this community she hopefully can contribute with her knowledge and know-how and a large network of people.


Raphael de Vivans

After ten years in the private sector in the Management of SMEs, he decided to join the European Commission as an external auditor for DG RTD. He has audited public and private companies, universities, small and medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations all over Europe.
In 2014, he established EFMC, a Tallinn-based consultancy firm to support organizations in their application and management of European research grants.

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