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Nurturing the CAdFE community with the Galette des Rois Party

Last Friday, the walls of KOTA KLUBI resonated with laughter, clinking glasses, and the joyous melodies of a piano, as CAdFE (the Business Club for Francophones in Estonia) hosted an unforgettable Galette des Rois party. The event was nothing short of a spectacular success, with tickets selling out, and the venue brimming with the warmth of community and celebration.

CAdFE (the Business Club for Francophones in Estonia) hosted an unforgettable Galette des Rois party. French Chamber of Commerce

Sold Out and Full of Joy

We are thrilled to announce that the Galette des Rois celebration was a sold-out affair! A heartfelt thank you goes out to all our incredible members, guests, and partners for contributing to the success of this fantastic event. Your presence and enthusiasm truly made it a night to remember.

Unity and Sharing at the Heart of Galette des Rois

At its core, the Galette des Rois represents unity and sharing within our community. This resonates deeply with our mission as a club - to foster connections, build trust, and grow a community where fruitful connections can thrive. The joyous atmosphere and camaraderie during the event exemplified the strength of our community bonds.

Exquisite Galette des Rois by François Wood-Fired Bread

A special shoutout to François Wood-Fired Bread for crafting the exquisite Galette des Rois, adding a touch of authenticity and tradition to our special celebration. The golden, flaky layers of the galette revealed the craftsmanship and dedication that went into its creation, delighting the taste buds of all who were fortunate enough to savor it.

Delightful Bubbles and Wine by Carpe Vinum Veinipood

The evening wouldn't have been complete without the delightful bubbles and wine generously provided by Carpe Vinum Veinipood. The carefully selected drinks complemented the festivities, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the celebration.

Tantalizing Tastes by French Gourmand

A huge thank you to French Gourmand for tantalizing our taste buds with delicious food that perfectly complemented the festivities. The culinary delights transported us to the heart of France, creating a sensory experience that elevated the overall celebration.

Enchanting Piano Tunes by Mari Vispanu Mägi

Special moments were elevated with the enchanting piano tunes played by Mari Vispanu Mägi, adding a musical touch to our celebration. The melodies created a harmonious ambiance, further enhancing the joy and connection shared among attendees.

Engaging Quiz by Olavi (the 1st) Andla Motivation OÜ

Kudos to Olavi (the 1st) Andla Motivation OÜ for orchestrating a fun-filled quiz that kept everyone engaged and entertained throughout the evening. The interactive quiz added a layer of excitement and friendly competition, fostering an atmosphere of shared laughter and camaraderie.

A Grateful Nod to Ambassade de France en Estonie

Not to forget special thanks to Ambassade de France en Estonie / Prantsuse Suursaatkond Eestis for providing the French flags that adorned the venue, adding a touch of the French spirit to our celebration. Merci beaucoup!

Continuing the Journey Together

As we wrap up this Galette des Rois celebration, let's carry the spirit of unity, connection, and joy forward. Together, we will continue building connections, fostering unity, and creating memorable moments. Community and trust are business success pillars!

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