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Visit to Printall Factory in Tallinn: A Dive into the Printing Industry

Updated: Mar 28

On Monday, March 25th, a delegation from CAdFE had the privilege to visit the Printall factory, located in the Lasnamäe district of Tallinn. Welcomed by Margus Liivamägi, head of sales and development department, along with Rémi Boisbourdin, commercial representative for Printall AS Printing, we had the opportunity to explore an essential facet of the printing industry in Estonia.

Since 2001, Printall has been owned by the Ekspress Grupp, becoming in 2007 the first media company in the Baltic States to be listed on the stock exchange. Initially, the company produced a range of ten newspapers and ten magazines, mainly in Estonian and Russian, with no exports. However, over the years, it expanded to export its products to eighteen EU countries, as well as Iceland, with a primary clientele in Northern Europe and France.

CadFE at Printall
From left to right : Emma Dumazot, Laure-Anne Deleu, François Arnould, Florent angibaud, Margus Liivamägi (sales manager of Printall), Violaine Champetier De Ribes, Cyril Tasset, Raphaël De ViVans, Alice Järvet, Russell Snyder

France represents 20% of sales, the same as Finland. Printall has over 75 different French clients, with weekly deliveries ensured without fail. The company's reputation rests on its commitment to quality and punctuality.

Rémi Boisbourdin, a Frenchman residing in Estonia and working daily at Printall, plays a crucial role in maintaining relationships with French clients and exploring new markets. His in-depth knowledge of both French and Estonian cultures makes him a valuable asset, serving as a bridge between the two countries.

Printall's annual turnover ranges between 25 and 30 million euros, fluctuating depending on raw material prices such as paper and ink. Despite the digital age we live in, the importance of paper media persists, especially for weekly publications that offer higher quality articles and more refined photos.

The factory tour allowed us to closely admire Printall's impressive operations. A huge printing press, spanning three floors, operates eight hours a day to produce over ten different titles. Through a four-color ink projection system (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black), over a thousand colors can be achieved.

The factory primarily uses two types of paper, mostly sourced from Finland, with a stock of 1000 tonnes sufficient for two months of production. Printall is also committed to recycling practices, with 95% of waste recycled, recycling aluminum printing plates and using heat produced by its gas-powered machines for building heating. Additionally, 15% of their electricity consumption comes from solar panels on the factory roof.

Over the years, the company has automated many difficult manual tasks, thus reducing its workforce to 300 employees from over 700 previously. It also owns smaller presses for lower print volumes, suited for more flexible and efficient production. The atmosphere inside the factory is maintained at a constant humidity of 60%, thanks to vaporizers, to reduce static electricity presence, thus providing an optimal working environment for health. Every day, 60 tonnes of paper arrive by truck, equivalent to 4 to 5 daily trucks.

The visit of Printall factory allowed us to better understand the importance of the printing industry in the Estonian economic fabric and its connections with French consumers. Despite the challenges posed by the digital age, Printall remains a crucial player, offering high-quality printing solutions while remaining attentive to market needs and developments.

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