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Our Services

Welcome to CA(d)FE, your trusted partner for dynamic, customized solutions. Discover our range of services, from consulting to implementation, tailored to your unique needs to propel your business to success.


Reciprocal networking, allowing Estonian companies to find business partners in France, while also facilitating the search for professionals in the sector in Estonia for French companies. CAdFE thus fosters the development of fruitful bilateral trade by offering easy and efficient access to a network of reliable partners in both countries.

Qualified contact and commercial follow-up with a Bicultural Consultant.

Qualified connection and commercial follow-up with bicultural stakeholders. CAdFE ensures an effective connection between French and Estonian companies, thus facilitating the development of successful business partnerships. Our bicultural speakers provide personalized support, promoting fluid communication adapted to the specific needs of each company, while guaranteeing an in-depth understanding of the cultural contexts and business practices of both countries.

Market Research

CAdFE offers you an in-depth analysis of the Estonian market. Our specialist market research service provides you with valuable information to understand the trends, opportunities and challenges of the Estonian market, enabling you to make informed decisions about developing your business in this region.

Search for Supplier/Subcontractors

Trust CAdFE to find the quality partners you need. Our specialised supplier/subcontractors search service will help you identify the partners best suited to your needs, ensuring the success of your business projects in Estonia.

Tailor-made Learning Expedition

Discover Estonia through a personalised experience with CAdFE. Explore the state platform, e-health and genetics, education, the startup ecosystem, green technologies and artificial intelligence, as well as the e-residency system on this unique adventure. Our tailor-made programme offers you full immersion in these exciting areas, allowing you to make the most of your experience and gain valuable insights into Estonian innovation.

Setting up a company

CAdFE offers you its expertise to make your entrepreneurial project a reality in Estonia. Our specialised service guides you through every stage of the set-up process, from initial planning to legal registration, offering you comprehensive assistance to successfully launch your business in this dynamic market.

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